Roof Leak Information


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Toe Board Holes

Toeboard holes are a major cause of many roof over hangs rotting out. These damage roof framing, plywood, fascia boards and can be very expensive to repair. Worse yet they can cause interior sheetrock damage and cause you to have mold and mildew problems.

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A huge problem in West Georgia is failure to understand flashing details. There are pitch pans, step flashing, counter flashing for brick, and wall termination flashing. Many people do not realize that flashing is part of the overall roof system and if not installed correctly can cause warm wall leaks, chimney leaks,and premature roof failure as a result.

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Skylights can fail for many reasons. Curbed mounting types are often flashed without correct pitch pans and step flashing. Curbed self flashing types are usually not sealed down properly and the seals break causing them to leak.

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Pipe Boots

Pipe boot typically fail due to dried out neoprene gromments and its best to repair them before failure so every 6 years is a good start in Georgia. Lead pipe boots usually are eaten up squirrels and have to be totally replaced with modern boots.

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HVAC Vents

The issue with HVAC vents is either failure to roof them in correctly or failed sealants from age. Age also rusts them out and they have to be replaced in many cases.

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Blown Off Shingles

The main reason shingles blow off is poor nailing methods. When shingles are nailed properly they will hold to the wind rating prescribed on the actual manufacturers warranty guidlines

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Nail Pops

Every time you see a shingle raised up in one place you can bet that in time the shingle will develop a hole and leak. This can be avoided by having a trained professional fix the issue if it arises..

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Valley Repairs

Valleys leak due to nailing to close or making a joint to close to the center of the valley. The rule of thumb is to stay 12" from the center of the valley with nails and shingle joints. Many people don't realize the simple truth of following that rule of thumb.

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